2016 Presidential internet meme’s, please cite your sources.

2016 Presidential internet meme’s, please cite your sources. 

Here is the rub. You’re on Facebook or your favorite social media tool, and your in-laws uncle, family member, or friend from high school (you would like to forget), posts a meme that is a blatant lie. What do you do? I got a new idea. We should ask all these people to cite there sources. This might be the professor coming out in me. Lets start creating anti-memes!

Cite your sources

So if you now see an outright lie in a meme, you can post the above image with this message, “There is no source listed with your internet meme, or the source you have posted from isn’t credible. To find out if a source is credible or not goto: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/588/02/”

My hope is to get more lies off the internet, or to at least make people think about the credibility of their meme before they post it.

What do you think?

-Mitchell Eismont
Mitchell Eismont is an assistant professor of graphic design at Central State University. His business is called Eismont Designs, which does award winning work. He has worked on socio-political campaigns and is an advocate for human rights. 

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Day 45 Project 365…. Bold and fearless poster design by James Victore.

Bold and fearless poster design by James Victore. 

So I am taking a class online at Create Live. James Victore has an interesting style of working. I am picking up some new techniques, just understanding the tools that he uses, along with some new ways of forming ideas.


I would suggest taking the course…

Anyway here is today’s piece from my project to create 365 pieces of art this year…


the quietest noise tells you the most.
the quietest noise tells you the most.
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Project 365…

Project 365…. Day 44.


I am creating 365 pieces of artwork this year. At the end of the year I will have a show, of posters, t-shirts and books that come from this work.


Today’s Work:

Time is short…
Regret is long..

This piece can mean two things:

1. As an artist I have been thinking the past year what direction I wanted to take my business or what to do. I want to make work that matters for myself. I recently just decided to go for it. Expanding my business into the Dayton area, ordering a 3D printer and hiring someone. It’s a scary notion. But time is short… regret is long…

2. In life we regret a lot of things. This regret can take days away from us. Lets just forgive and forget and move on. Time is short. Lets spend it on things that matter, instead of regret and anxiety.


Day 44.... Project 365
Day 44…. Project 365
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Design that matters…. work for Calling all Crows

Do work that matters.
Do work that matters.

I find that from time to time I get stuck in the ruts of my job. I run a freelance graphic design studio in Pittsburgh as well as in Dayton Ohio. Sometimes I work on the same project for years. Recently I decided to take my studio in a whole new direction. I want to do work that matters. Work that uplifts us, or changes the way we view society as a whole.

Last year I started doing work for a non profit organization called, Calling All Crows. The current project I worked on was a campaign to raise awareness for the refugee crisis. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes, yet we are doing nothing about it.

Here is some of the work that I produced.

Calling all Crows, Forced to Flee Calling all Crows, Forced to Flee

Calling all Crows, Forced to Flee
Calling all Crows, Forced to Flee

What I want to do in my studio this year is, Work that Matters. I want to produce things that have a resonance in society. That change the way we look at things.

If this is the business you are in, lets get together in talk.



Mitchell Eismont

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Project 365…. www.mitchelleismont.com – Making 365 pieces of art in 2015

As a new years resolution, I decided to make 365 pieces of art this year. This is no small project. Why bother doing this project? Well as a graphic designer it will keep me inspired throughout the entire year. It will also keep me out of the creative rut.

As an artist I want to inspire other people to make the world a better place. This idea of a design everyday will showcase this. I am already 40 plus days into this project. So in the coming weeks. I will showcase a lot of my drawings and illustrations.

Please keep checking out or visit Eismont Designs on Facebook to see what we are up to.

Here is a piece from Day 11.

When your ceiling is caving in on you, admit you are wrong.
When your ceiling is caving in on you, admit you are wrong.

The other thing we got going on this year is that we are purchasing a 3D Printer for our Dayton Ohio Studio. We want to be able to do rapid prototyping all the way to producing at the factory. We will ordering the Form Labs 1+ very shortly.


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Philosophy of an Artist

What would you tell the future generations of artist if you could? (This will be a multipart series). 

This is something I ponder almost every week, being a professor as well as a working artist.

1. How can one do good for the world with their artwork? Milton Glaser talked about a book by Lewis Hyde called, “The Gift.” His idea was art is a gift that keeps us from killing each other. Glaser states, “That if you like Mozart and I like Mozart, the likelihood of us killing each other becomes diminished.” I truly agree with this. If you pick up and move to a new location, not knowing anyone, how do you find friends? You find them with commonalities. If you are at the library, you may stumble across a friend by striking up a chat about a book. If you are at the bar watching your favorite sports team, it could happen by asking the score of the game. Artist help create these commonalities. (Most artists). We link people together.

Have you ever been to a museum? What do you gravitate towards? Aesthetically you like some form of art. Everyone likes music, and have specific artists they gravitate towards. Take a look at the friends that you call close, do they have the same musical tastes as you? I am certain that they do. You talk about songs that you like. You tell them artists that they should listen to. These commonalities do help us from killing each other, they pacify us.

So what does all this have to do with what I would tell the future generations of artists? A lot. I would tell the future, to put artwork into the world, that creates these commonalities. As a way to leave the world a better place. (To be continued).

by Mitchell Eismont
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Central State University.
Owner of Eismont Designs, an International Design Agency.

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The Tenure Track

The Tenure Track
(My thoughts of adjunct professors and random other things).
by Mitchell Eismont

Recently I accepted a tenure track assistant professor job at a local university. Back when I was getting my MFA and even my BFA, I wish my professor would have told me how hard it was to get their job, and also to keep it. After I got my MFA I worked as an adjunct professor for four years. If I not had a spouse and another job as a graphic designer, I would have not made ends meat. From my personal experience adjunct professors make from $2250 to $2600 a class, this could be more in different areas. An adjunct teacher normal teaches about 3 class, sometimes 4. (This number is on the decline with affordable health care act limiting the amount of hours a person can work before the company has to pay for healthcare).

Ok so if you aren’t an adjunct teacher and are reading this blog you are probably thinking, (Rounding the sum off), that $2500 x 3 classes is $7500 a term and they only teach about 12 hours a week. Well you are certainly incorrect, in my own dealings to took me way more than 12 hours a week to teach 3 classes. I had to prep for the classes, teach, grade assignments, be at office hours, answer e-mails, stay up to date on the current trends in my field, plus much more. Some weeks I would work 50 plus hours for those 3 classes. If I do some simple math, I would make about $12 an hour or less. If you factor in the cost of paying back your student loans, for graduate and undergraduate schools, you are left with about enough gas money to make it to work.

I consider myself lucky that I got a tenure track position, because they are rare.

Mitchell Eismont

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2013 Apple’s new products, a perspective from a Graphic Designer









2013 Apple Mac OS 7
           2013 Apple’s new products, a perspective from a Graphic Designer
by Mitchell Eismont

First off I would like to say, “Rest in peace” Steve Jobs. I have not been thrilled with Apple ever since I bought the Macbook Pro Retina Display. I am on my second going on third replacement for the Retina Display. After Apple was ahead of the curve for so many years they are starting to lose ground.

I would like to first talk about the design of the new OS7 for the IPhone. Look how horrible the first screen looks on the shot above, it looks like someone threw up Superman Icecream on the screen. The typography on the new iphone OS has no value. My type teacher would slap my hand with a ruler if I designed something like this. Steve Jobs was a big fan of typography and took a class in Calligraphy, I wonder what he things about this?

From Apple.com
From Apple.com

The new macbook pro looks horrible. If I wanted a coffee looking mug on my desk, I would go buy one. It also reminds me of a base cannon from the early 90s.

Bass cannon
Bass cannon

Granted the machine is fast, but I am sure the first version of it is not going to be stable, just like the very retina display macbook I am typing this on. (Which I am sending to Apple this week again).

As a graphic designer I have been upset with Apple. What choice do I have though? Microsoft still seems to be in the stone ages.

by Mitchell Eismont
Mitchell Eismont is a professor of graphic design and a runs a graphic design agency. To view his work click here. 

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