Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis – Photo Taken outside of Clifton United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio Refugee Crisis

I started this project a few years back. In recent years refugees have been given a bad stereotype. Often in America, the extreme right confuse Muslim with Terrorist. As most of the refugees are coming from regions that are or were Islamic, the extreme right doesn’t want to let anyone into the United States.  As you are aware from my work these are two completely different things. I wanted to create a series of posters that would showcase that great people have changed the world that were refugees. Jesus Christ was a refugee. He also had the belief that we should do onto others as we want done to us. Jesus Christ was also a prophet in Islamic religion. These are things that the far right never discusses.

The church in Cincinnati had enough courage to put these posters out in their main entry way. They understand the message. They have courage to help others and do what is right.

-Mitchell Eismont

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