Running and the Creative Arts

Running and the Creative Arts

What does running have to do with the Creative Arts?

Why do I run? Most people would answer this question: “I run to become for better physical health.” Well this is a benefit from running, this is not why I run. I run to become more creative. In the past years there has been a substantial amount of research, that cardio exercise makes you more creative. If you are interested in this research I can recommend some books to read, just ask below in the comments.

If you think about our day today lives, we are mostly stuck in front of a screen at work and at home. More and more of our time is consumed by electronic products. Our attention is demanded by these products. We have no time for solitude. Solitude allows us to answer our inner questions, it allows us to download our feelings.

There is a, in the moment feeling you get from running. It makes you in the present. It centers you, to feeling pain in your muscles and working your heart to exertion. This is what allows for creative ideas to happen. Getting rid of all the thoughts out of your brain.

To me that is what the creative process is. To free your mind of all the thoughts from the day and to narrowly focus on a creative solutions. I have run 5 marathons, and have put on enough miles in the last five years to cross the United States. These miles add up and allow for self reflection and creativity. If you are a creative and have tried this yet. See if it helps. It could just be a walk, one day without your phone.

If I was a doctor and you came to me to become more creative, I would prescribe physical activity.

Mitchell Eismont
Associate Professor, Graphic Design, Central State University

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