378.112 Teaching: for my students

Teaching Philosophy
As a teacher, I am constantly trying to further the education of the students and myself. The field of graphic design is constantly changing, mostly in technology and software. The one thing that has not changed over the years is the power of concept. I teach concept above all else. In my classes students learn that graphic design is not only making pretty pictures, it has to drive a message. It has to grab your attention, speak to the masses and deliver meaningful content in a few seconds. This is the most challenging principle that the students will have to face as graphic designers. My classrooms are set up like an advertising agency, they will work as art directors, graphic designers and production designers.
In the process of updating color theory information.
  • Intro to Graphic Design

    This class is to teach you the basics of drawing for graphic design as well as conceptual design. The way I teach it is I set it up like it's an agency. I will teach you how to generate a an idea from a thumbnail sketch to a final solution.
  • Intro to Typography

    This is information about the introductory course in typography. If you are lucky, this semester I will bring in my letterpress.
  • Digital Photography

    I teach photography from the stand point of an art director. As an art director and graphic designer you have to know how to do everything. Photography is just another piece to the puzzle.
  • Professional Development

    In this independent study, my #1 goal is to get your ready for the job market. We will talk about freelance graphic design, contracts, and many other things.
  • Color Theory

    This fundamental course provides an introduction to the principles of color and an exploration of color theory as it relates to design and form. The psychological and cultural aspects of color will be examined in making appropriate design decisions.