309.117 Color Theory

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Color Theory
This fundamental course provides an introduction to the principles of color and an exploration of color theory as it relates to design and form. The psychological and cultural aspects of color will be examined in making appropriate design decisions.
Resources for Color Theory
Week 1 -
Topic - Color Phsyics
1. Exellent discussion of color physics.
2. High key vs low key colors

Week 2 -
Topic - Color Systems:
1. Traditional
a. Color Theory Lesson: The Three Primaries
2. Additive
a. From UC Santa Barbara Professor
3. Subtractive
a. worqx.com - This goes over additive and subtractive colors

Helpful Links for Assignments
Additive and Subtractive Color Demo
Week 3 -
Topic - Color Relativity
Week 4 -
Topic - Meanings of Color
Week 5 -
Topic - Projective Development
Week 6 -
Topic - Artist Statement

*Websites and Additional Resources*

Classroom Pinterest Account
- Here you can join in and list things that inspire you color wise. This could be a photo, advertisement, display, anything and everything can be posted here. You first must sign up and then follow me at the link above. Send me an e-mail at meismont@aii.edu once you have done this.

Colours in Culture
- This information graphic is from "information is beautiful," it is a website by David McCandless. It's about the meaning of colors in different cultures.

5 Web Design Colorsthat encourage visitors to click that subscribe button
I never though of the subsribe buttons color for website design until I clicked on this blog.

Describing Color to a Blind Person
Did you ever wonder how blind people perceive color? This is a really interesting video about a blind person describing colors.