6 Responses to University of California Logo Redesign – Is it so Bad that it’s Good?

  1. Caren says:

    I don’t like it at all nothing stands out to me

  2. Nathan Dibble says:

    Yes, its crap.

  3. Kenny says:

    This video here explains their plan on how they will use it:

    And a pic of it’s proper logo setup:

    And here is a pdf of it in use for a rebranding:

    Based on this, they have two new emblems. One with the gradient “c” and one as a solid “c” which makes for an slightly inconsistent branding. In terms on logo application it’s on the same lines as the London 2012 logo in that it looks terrible until they start using it, then it looks good. Expect when the they use the repeating logo with the color gradient across them like they showed on the bag. I think they could do better there. If they cut the gradient “c” out and stick to the solid, I think it’ll be fine. I just don’t think it will stand the test of time and will have to be redesigned later(10-15 years probably).

    Also in response to the protests they have said this:

    “Here’s the thing: It’s not replacing anything. There wasn’t a logo before, and the UC seal isn’t going anywhere.” – via their facebook page(it’s also noted in the pdf)

    They’ve been using it sparingly for the past 6 months without saying anything about it. Then release it without explaining anything. It seems like a misunderstanding because a terrible marketing campaign. It seems like they are using this emblem as representing the public side of the school and the seal stays with the officials and such that run the school.

    • eismontdesigns says:

      Nice write up. I will look into this more when I am done with finals for the week and give you a better response.


    • eismontdesigns says:

      I actually don’t mind the logo as much after watching that video Kenny. Finally had a chance to check it out. I agree that in five to ten years this logo is going to look really dated. I would be ok with this logo in certain circumstances.

      -Eismont Designs

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