Questions from Graphic Design students, “Should I get Mac vs PC for graphic design?”

Questions from Graphic Design students, “Should I get Mac vs PC for graphic design?”
by Mitchell Eismont

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The year was 2000 and I was a sophomore in college. Steve Jobs had only been back at Apple for a few years after he was fired. I had bought my first computer and loaded a hacked version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator onto it. The computers in the graphic design lab at my college were running Macintosh OS9, which was an incredibly horrible operating system, that crashed every few minutes. Around this time Apple had come out with OSX, yes I was a Windows person. Things have changed a lot since then.

In 2003 I purchased a brand new mac pro for about $3,000 and guess what it is still running, never had a virus or a problem with it. That is why I tell my graphic design students to buy a Macintosh. There are other reasons of course, the Apple Macintosh computer is the industry standard for graphic design. About 90% of the advertising and design agencies you walk into will be using Macintosh. Macintosh has a more visual interface that tends to really inspire artists.

Students don’t have that much money, I understand that Apples are expensive. I even suggest for them to get a cheap used Macintosh from websites like or various other ones.

Anyway that is my answer. Get a Macintosh.

by Mitchell Eismont
Freelance Graphic Designer Cincinnati 


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3 Responses to Questions from Graphic Design students, “Should I get Mac vs PC for graphic design?”

  1. Caren says:

    Hmm the Mac vs Pc delima I will say this much. Mac has a not a doubt reputation of the best graphics in the standards of graphic design. IMO now lets say this, Mac now uses a Pc based processor (the intel Icore) and the same memory as Pc. One can change out any graphic card as long as it is not embedded, having said that You can purchase a killer pc with a huge amount of memory and if necessary change out the graphic card to stand up to Mac any day of the week.

    Having said that I am still envious of all MAC people because I just can’t afford one and then the change the whole software issue stinks.

    • eismontdesigns says:

      I actually have a student that just recently built a machine that would blow my macintosh away. I do need to give windows 8 a better chance. It is so cheap and easy to make a pc. I remember frankenstein-ing my first pc together about 12 years ago. They should make Adobe products universal, so that if you buy a mac or pc you can just remove it from one computer and add it to another. I am not a poor college student anymore, but it did take me a whole entire year to save up for my macbook pro. I would like to add to the post above, get what you can afford. Step number one is to just be able to design from home.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment,

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