Project 365…

Project 365…. Day 44.


I am creating 365 pieces of artwork this year. At the end of the year I will have a show, of posters, t-shirts and books that come from this work.


Today’s Work:

Time is short…
Regret is long..

This piece can mean two things:

1. As an artist I have been thinking the past year what direction I wanted to take my business or what to do. I want to make work that matters for myself. I recently just decided to go for it. Expanding my business into the Dayton area, ordering a 3D printer and hiring someone. It’s a scary notion. But time is short… regret is long…

2. In life we regret a lot of things. This regret can take days away from us. Lets just forgive and forget and move on. Time is short. Lets spend it on things that matter, instead of regret and anxiety.


Day 44.... Project 365
Day 44…. Project 365
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