Pinterest for Graphic Designers and Visual Artists.

Pinterest for Graphic Designers and Visual Artists.
by Mitchell Eismont

Pinterest for Graphic Designers
Pinterest is the perfect tool for graphic designers and artists.

While I was a student at Marywood University’s MFA program, “Get your master with the masters” we toured several studios each semester.  One of these studios I toured was Sony BMG. We got to talk to an art director there for about an hour. She had stacks upon stacks of notebooks in here office.

One of my classmates asked “I see you have all these notebooks here, what exactly is in all of them if you don’t mind my asking?”

She went on to show us what was in the notebooks. Basically it was a scrap book of different colors and photos that she had torn out of magazines. She talked about how she showed this to photographers and designers, to get the perfect shot for an album or cd cover.

Uses of pinterest for graphic designers:

1. Art Direction You see we are visual people, artist, and when we get art direction it is hard for us to transfer words onto paper. The more visuals we have the better off we are.  I use pinterest for the very same reason that the Art Director at Sony did. I can show clients photo of things, or styles of illustrations that I want on a particular project. (Link to my pinterest page). I am not saying though to get away from the idea of compiling print scrapbooking. I never want print to die. I am just saying this is another tool in our arsenal.

2. Brain Storming Another reason to do use pinterest, is for brain storming. (Should be used when nothing else works). If you are a fan of thumbing through graphic design annuals and looking at other people’s work this is a maybe an even better tool.

3. Marketing I read a story last month were pinterest is becoming one of the most utilized social media marketing tools. Having a pinterest account and pinning items can help with a graphic artists SEO on their own website. You can also showcase your new work or even new items that you have for sale.

This is a very powerful tool. If you have any other interesting and unique ways you use pinterest as an artist please add them to the comments section of this post.

by Mitchell Eismont
Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
To view Eismont Designs work click this link.  

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