Letterpress Christmas Cards now on Etsy

Letterpress Christmas Cards now on Etsy
by Mitchell Eismont

Eismont Designs - Letterpress Christmas Card
Eismont Designs – Letterpress Christmas Card, Letterpress Cincinnati

The last two years I have been compiling different materials to get a functioning letterpress. You may think this is an easy task. Well guess what? They stopped making letterpress’s about 40 years ago.

So why even bother doing this prehistoric art form? If you have never seen letterpress you don’t know what you are missing. Letterpress takes a bite out of the page. In my shop, up until this point we work with all metal. That means that the engravings and type you are seeing was made over 100 years ago. They just don’t make stuff like this anymore. Letterpress is an extremely fine craft that takes years to master. (Yes I will admit I am still mastering the art form.

As a freelance graphic designer in Cincinnati that stares at the computer all day, it is nice to get back to doing design by hand. We often forget about our hands and just interact with the keyboard and mouse all day.

Anyway they are currently available on Etsy.

Check them out.


Mitchell Eismont
Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director
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