History of Graphic Design Part 5 – Papyrus

History of Graphic Design Part 5 – Papyrus
by Mitchell Eismont

The Egyptians would develop a paper like substance called papyrus.

“Papyrus is a plant (Cyperus papyrus), rather like a reed, which used to grow in Egypt . In ancient times, the Egyptians used it to make small, light-weight boats, sandals, mats and baskets, as well as a paper-like material for writing on.”1 –  For the resource click here Link. 

If I remember correct from about 8 years ago when I took art history, papyrus was made from bark, and this bark was put together to make scrolls. This form of writing media would be a rival to another form called Parchment. Parchment was made from animal skins.

Paper will be one of the biggest inventions ever to happen to graphic design. Paper will allow the masses to learn how to read, not just the rich that were able to afford them. As paper gets cheaper, there will be a sharp decline in illiteracy. The world will change slowly.

Stay tuned for the next part of the History of Graphic Design.
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by Mitchell Eismont
Mitchell is an art educator at a local college and has an MFA in graphic design.
To view his artwork click this link.  


1. “What is papyrus?.” The Fitzwilliam Musuem. University of Cambridge. Web. 2 Dec 2012. <http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/gallery/papyrus/papyrus/index.html>.

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