History of Graphic Design Part 3 – Sumerians Pictographs

History of Graphic Design Part 3 – Sumerian Pictographs
by Mitchell Eismont

University of Chicago Uruk Tablet from http://oi.uchicago.edu/OI/MUS/ED/TRC/MESO/writing.html

The Sumerians were said to be the first known people to develop a written language. They would also develop numerals, so we could say that written math and writing may have started around the same time. The pictographs on these represent a simple idea. One will see throughout the history of writing and graphic design how these shapes above get simplified and turn into our modern alphabet.

Most of this early graphic design was done, with tools for carving, in this case the carving was done in wet clay and set out to dry. The tools and technology that is available will be an important factor in what the graphic design will look like in each era, this is a perfect example of that.

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by Mitchell Eismont
Freelance graphic designer and graphic design scholar.

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