History of Graphic Design – Part 2 – Blau Monument

History of Graphic Design – Part 2 – Blau Monument 3100 BC
by Mitchell Eismont

Blau Monument

Here we are on our second trek through the history of graphic design. If you remember my last post I talked about how the cave paintings may be the first artifact we have of graphic design.

“…it is widely accepted that they record a transaction in which land was exchanged for various goods, with the carved figures representing the individuals involved.” – From the British Museum Website. 

In short this stone was used as a deed for a piece of land. Like most early piece of art it is difficult, to say what the meaning of each piece. There is simply not enough information on that culture.

Typography will start to happen around this time also. Before typography history was passed down through oration. The problem with this is, that their could be lapses in memory, that the person in charge of remembering the history of a tribe or society, could change history. Even when printing is invented, the right were in charge of it, so they could change history. It was until the last 100 years or so when printing got cheap that the poor could have their history told.

The Blau Monuments are important to graphic design because it is the combination of words and image, which is our paint or medium.

by Mitchell Eismont
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