A Library of Ideas hits 100 posts.

A Library of Ideas hits 100 posts.
by Mitchell Eismont

I would like to thank everyone for reading this blog from day to day or week to week. I started this new blog a little over three months ago. We are currently thinking of expanding. I am in the process of taking guest written blog posts. If you are interested in guest writing for this blog please contact me at eismontdesigns@gmail.com. We will give you a full name credit and also a link to your blog or website.

Blog posts can be about:
1. Graphic Design – Anything in general.
2. Case Studies on different logos and branding.
3. Technology and graphic design.
4. Helping future generations of graphic designers.
5. Technology and the arts.
6. Upcycled or recycled artwork.

Or pitch me something new. Our blog readership is growing by a thousand a month.

We have been in contact with several companies that would like us to feature their products also. I won’t feature a product without actually trying it and seeing if it is something we can stand for. So please contact me and mail me a sample and we can go from there. I plan on running several contests next years for various products relating to art and design.

I am so glad that people are enjoying this blog and that it is taking off. Please keep coming back and look forward to seeing some new and interesting things in the months to come.

Many thanks,
From The Staff at “A Library of Ideas” and Mitchell Eismont

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